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About Orion5

Orion5 is a five degree-of-freedom (5DoF) robotic arm, designed as a learning tool for secondary school and university level education. Orion5 has a USB interface, is powered from a mains wall outlet and implements smart-servo motors that have a 360° continuous range of motion.

We designed Orion5 to work like a real robotic arm that you might find in research and industry grade robotics. Therefore Orion5 performs tasks like a real robotic arm would, at a scaled down level. Orion5 is a great learning platform and an extremely robust tool for its price range. It is ready to work as a robot out of the box.

Orion5 can be used to provide learning outcomes in a number of subject areas. Because Orion5 works out of the box, students can focus on the important learning outcomes in robotics and other subject areas, instead of spending time assembling components.

  • Mathematics: Trigonometry & calculus.
  • Physics: Kinematics & forces.
  • Coding: Python.

Combined with external sensors/systems such as cameras and computer vision, Orion5 can be used at a university and PhD level.

###### PLEASE NOTE ######

This version of Orion5 is a beta model, and users should understand there are some caveats to be aware of. Also be aware that our foundation customers have had much success using Orion5 in their classrooms and we're using their feedback to directly improve future versions, see our main website for details: https://rawrobotics.com/orion5

Many of the performance based issues can be solved with regular firmware and software updates.The newest release Orion5's can be firmware updated easily by the user with one click. Newer firmware will be released regularly that will improve the responsiveness of the arm, the reliability of the arm for longer periods of usage, the accuracy of the arm, and the overall safety of the arm. All of these areas are already above and beyond the competitors in the same price bracket but as engineers we know we can do better. The newest hardware for the Orion5 is v1.5 and includes herringbone gears which greatly improve the stiffness of the joints and overall wear and tear. We discuss some of the caveats in this document: https://goo.gl/1iSTBX


Orion5 is designed to bring some of the features from industrial and research grade robotic arms to education.

  • 0.33° motor position resolution
  • Motors have continuous 360° range
  • Position, velocity and time control methods
  • Motors provide kinematic feedback
  • Programmable joint limits
  • Python, JavaScript, MATLAB, C/C++ libraries

Built into every Orion5 is safety.

  • No finger pinch points
  • Orion5 detects collisions with itself and the environment
  • Over torque and over temperature sensing
  • Infinite 360° base rotation and internalised wiring means no stretching/snapping of cables

More Info: https://rawrobotics.com/orion5

Orion5 Quick Start Guide: https://goo.gl/DQm3x3

Orion5 User Manual: https://goo.gl/h3i2br

Orion5 Software: https://github.com/RAWrobotics/Orion5

Configuration 5DoF - 4 revolute joints, tool rotation
Motors Smart-servos, 360° continuous rotation, 0.33° resolution, 1.2Nm torque. Position, velocity and load feedback.
Embedded Processor ARM Cortex-M4F based MCU
Communications Micro USB 2.0 Full Speed, virtual com port (1Mbaud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity)
Construction 3d printed ABS main structural parts, molded ABS gears
Reach/Payload 450mm / 200g
Repeatability 5 - 10mm
Supply voltage/current 7 - 15V / 3A min

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Orion5 Robotic Arm

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